Daft box Official.

Welcome to our blog guys. We are Chilean and we speak chilean.

We are a electronic, polka, Andino, cueca duo from Pomaire. The members are “Tomá” who plays the bass, the acoustic guitar, and sings, i am “Shico Lópe” i play the bass, i edit and some other stuff.

We have some guests on our band that helps us to make our music, like “Asacross” who plays the keyboard and does some synthesizer work, and the “Jeronymous” hand who makes wonderful effects and bases.

Here is our facebook description, in span- i mean, chilean of course.

Get your dictionaries ready.

Electronico, Polka, Andino, Cueca
El Tomá- Bajo, Guitarra Acustica, Voz.
El Shico Lópe- Bajo, Edición, Bases.

Invitado especial:
Asacross- Sintetizadores.
Ciudad de origen
Daft Box comenzó como una banda tributo al celebre duo electronico, Daft Punk, en la localidad de Pomaire, pero sin embargo luego de muchas decisiones duras, tomaron el rumbo de la música original.
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